Šotek Bednář


New product

ATO-M Šotek Bednář is an aluminum bicycle cargo trailer for carying a transport box, joined to the seatpost, with one wheel at a suspension swingarm.

The seatpost bicycle hitch is included. Do not forget to select a seatpost shim if necessary.

The trailer is offered in the following variants:

  • 12" wheel with gray or red frame
  • 16" wheel with quick release, removable drawbar, black frame

More details

11 350,00 Kč

More info

  • Coupling: The hitch for coupling the trailer to the bicycle is mounted at the bicycle seatpost. Connecting and disconnecting the trailer is a matter of seconds.
    Note: It is not recommended for carbon seatpost
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Wheel:  one wheel Remerx on swingarm with suspension, alternatively
    - 12", Rubena tire
    - 16", industrial bearings, quick-release, Schwalbe tire
  • Mudguard : not included, can be ordered as accessories
  • Suspension: maintenance-free, using two rubber blocks
  • Swingarm and joint bearings: PTFE (maintenance-free without lubrication)
  • Swingarm and joint axes: stainless steel / aluminium
  • Trailer weight without transport box: 4.5 kg (10 lbs)
  • Color: black box, frame:
    - Gray or red for a 12" wheel
    - Black for 16" wheel
  • Box: Detachable transport box with lid
  • Max. load: 30kg when the box is attached (65 lbs)
  • Max. load: 20kg when the box is detached (44 lbs)
  • Cargo box dimensions: height 46 cm, length 73.5 cm; width 44.5 cm
  • Volume: 110 l
  • Trailer weight with transport box: 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs)
  • Color: black
  • Material: plastics
  • Other: lid with sealing, wheels for manipulation when detached

Note: As we strive to continually improve our products, the depicted product may slightly differ from the actual product.


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